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Virgo & the Sixth House – Productively Contributing to Society  
       by Jef Bartow

Prior to the end of this last century, it was generally concluded that our most productive time of life was in our 20s and 30s.  With the completion of our first Saturn return at about 29, our late 20s is when we become a mature adult.  In our lifecycle, this critical period is an opportune time to evaluate and make self-adjustments to better express our potential in the outer world.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign.  Its mutability helps us to adapt, change and become more flexible and sociable.  Its earthiness conditions us to move forward in a practical, responsible, persistent and dependable way.  What we need in our late 20s is to “analyze” how prepared we are to attain our goals over the few decades.  The earlier we make internal adjustments and find better techniques to meet the challenges ahead, the more productive and successful our journey will be.

For those of you born with Sun in Virgo (August 22-September 21), Virgo's mutable earth makes you naturally discriminating, analytical, modest and neat.  You may also tend to be overly critical, picky and/or a perfectionist.  Most importantly, you have an innate need to perfect yourself through finding better techniques and methods to apply your knowledge.

For all of us, Virgo's ruler, Chiron represents both our bridge between the objective and subjective (our imaginative nature) and our deepest psychological wound.  Our late 20s is an ideal time to begin using our creative imagination to envision fulfilling our goals and becoming our potential.  The more we do so, the better able we are to create a conscious pathway that leads to the fulfillment of our personal destiny while healing the split between our spiritual and instinctual natures.
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Even in today's business world where it usually takes time after college to settle into a career, our late 20s is an intense period of focusing on our vocation, our service to others, and how the habits and rituals in our daily routine contribute to our success and happiness (all 6th House activities).  For many, this also includes how starting a family will contribute to our well-being and life goals.

We all have Virgo and Chiron as part of our personality makeup.  For example, those of you who have Virgo in the ninth house will approach your philosophy, higher education, spiritualizing activities and travel (all 9th House activities) through "analysis."  This includes being practical, economical, cautious, discriminating, dependable and unselfish.  You may also tend to be overly critical, a "follower," worrisome and skeptical.
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Which ever sign is natally (at birth) on the cusp of our sixth House indicates our natural temperament toward all six house activities (work, daily routine, service to others, etc.).  In our example, Virgo on the ninth house cusp normally corresponds to Gemini on the six house cusp.  Therefore, these individuals will approach work and their daily routine by being flexible, intellectually communicative, curious and interested (all Gemini characteristics).  In addition, these individuals may also tend to be scattered, talkative and fickle.  Finally, by qualifying all six house activities with the needs of Gemini (involvement in a variety of experiences in order to accumulate knowledge and understanding), these individuals can accelerate making their work and daily routine part of their spiritual fulfillment.