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Libra & the Seventh House – Creating Balance between Self & Others
by Jef Bartow

In our growth cycle, our early 30s is a significant opportunity for change. Completing our Saturn return at about 29 ushers in a period in which we are either unsettled about our life or ready to implement our insights and expanded consciousness from our late 20s. In either case, we are challenged to bring more balance between our self orientation and cooperatively interacting with others, a partner and our community.

During this period, our life is more influenced by Libra, seventh House experiences and the ruler of Libra, Venus. Libra is a cardinal air sign. With its cardinal quality Libra is resourceful, active, energetic and progressive. Being of the air element, Libra's natural tendencies are to be balanced, flexible, detached, versatile and thoughtful. Many of us in our early 30s are challenged to live these cardinal qualities while at the same time maintaining balance and flexibility provided by Libra's air element. For those who do not step up to this challenge, life in the 30s becomes drudgery mixed with life issues not being addressed.

For those of you born with Sun in Libra (September 22-October 21), these Libra characteristics are internally conditioned from birth. You tend to be harmony oriented, sharing, pleasant, thoughtful and balanced. You can also tend to be competitive, indecisive, unaware and even unbalanced. These internal motivations center on your need in retaining your sense of beingness while involved in relationships with shared goals. Further, Libra's ruler Venus or your emotional nature, your ability to attract and appreciate people and things and your values (all Venus personality functions) highly condition how you approach life.

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During this transitional period from our 20s to our psychologically mature 30s, we are unconsciously focused to seek seventh House experiences and goals. These experiences include our romantic partnership; other one-on-one relationships; how we cooperatively work with others and the public; and how others perceive us. A key goal during this period, whether conscious or unconscious, is objectification and balancing of self through others (7th house goal). For many, this energetic influence produces significant changes which may include divorce, changing careers or jobs, enhancing our public image through our blossoming children and/or just becoming highly focused on career enhancement or family development.

The sign on our descendent (7th house cusp) and planets in our seventh House at birth provide opportunities throughout our life for each of us to become more objective and balanced through others (our 7th house goal in life). For example, those with Capricorn on the seventh house cusp will naturally approach key relationships, their public image and interacting with others (all 7th house activities) by being socially aware, organized and responsible (Capricorn characteristics). Challenges in relationships will come from Capricorn’s demanding, unbending, crystallized or authoritative tendency in interacting with others. Ultimately, Our Capricorn need for building a solid sense of internal security by operating successfully in the outer world will motivate these individuals with Capricorn on the seventh house cusp to learn to become more objective and balanced through others as a way of being successful in the outer world.
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