Follow the Sun

 & the Ninth House –
defining our own 
philosophy for life
by Jef Bartow

As we progress into our early 40s, major transits challenge our ways of thinking, feeling and behaving.  We experience our first Neptune and Pluto transiting squares in addition to transiting oppositions of both Saturn and Uranus.  Naturally for many, this produces a psychological crisis.  Unless we remain unconscious (acting only out the collective unconscious of our society), we are forced to gain some understanding of where our life has come from and where we will decide it will go from here.

During this time, Sagittarius, its ruler Jupiter and the ninth House activities in life all become influential. Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. Its mutability brings a natural adaptability, observant, flexible and sociable orientation to life experiences. Sagittarius’s fire helps us become more future oriented, self-motivated, inspired and enthusiastic. All these natural tendencies of Sagittarius are just what the doctor ordered during this intense period in life.

For those of you born with Sun in Sagittarius (November 22 -- December 21), you generally tend to be a optimistic, philosophical and expansive in life. You can also tend to be blunt, unreliable, overly abstract and even fanatical. Sagittarius’s influence centers around your need in finding a broader, more philosophical basis for life through connections in a larger society.

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Sagittarius's ruler, Jupiter, conditions our means of socialization while representing our assumed ethical standards and beliefs for life. During this intense period at midlife, Jupiter helps us to expand and identify our own philosophical outlook beyond that conditioned into us during the first half of our life. It also helps us to fulfill ninth House activities and goals. These include: our higher education pursuits, our spiritualizing activities, travel, law and how we exchange abstract ideas and philosophies. 

Our opportunity here is to develop a better understanding and philosophy for the remainder of our life. With the key transits during this period mentioned above, we either cooperate and move forward based on key internal changes or are dragged forward based on changing outer circumstances and events in our life.  Both Pluto and Uranus transits will tend to make these sudden and drastic.

Within everyone's birth chart, the sign on the ninth House cusp influences our attitude and approach to ninth House activities as described above. For example, those with Aries on the ninth House cusp (normally a Leo ascendant person) will tend to be self proving, pioneering or courageous when pursuing higher education, their spiritualizing activities, travel or when exchanging abstract ideas. They can also tend to be dogmatic, argumentative, hasty or pushy in these same areas of life.

By approaching these ninth House activities in life with the needs of Aries, fulfilling our ninth House goal in life is accelerated. In our example, by exchanging abstract ideas and pursuing both spiritualizing and higher education activities in order to prove one's identity and sense of being through action (needs of Aries), these individuals will more easily develop an understanding /philosophy for life (goals for the ninth House).

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