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Living Spirit, Spiritual growth and the astrological Signs
Spiritual growth and the as

     Sign Attitudes & Needs 

      This reference guide is focused on the use of Aquarian astrology for spiritual growth and psychological development. Therefore, the astrological signs represent the qualities and characteristics of the developing Personality and Self. 

    To understand how the influence of the astrological constellations affect humanity and spiritual aspirants, detailed descriptions of these influences are described in the book God, Man and the Dancing Universe, which is available through Our Store. To look inside the book Click here

Sign qualities/attitudes/needs
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Pisces: empathetic, sacrificing, compassionate, imaginative; unrealistic, gullible, illusionary, isolated, passive, martyring

Needs: "I Believe," transcending past limitations and developing a sense of being through living one's beliefs with faith and working toward goals beyond oneself
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Aries: self proving, initiating, courageous, pioneering; dogmatic, pushy, hasty, argumentative

Needs: "I Am," prove one's identity and sense of being through action
Taurus: productive, resourceful, practical, realistically determined; materialistic, stubborn, lazy, fixed, miserly

Needs: "I Have," building identity and self worth through producing tangible results in practical activities

Gemini: flexible and interested, intellectually communicative, curious; scattered, fickle, overly gossipy and talkative 

Needs: "I Think," involvement in a variety of experiences in order to accumulate knowledge/understanding
Leo: expressive, dramatic, generous and kindly; egotistical, dominating, overly proud and showy

Needs: "I Will," creatively self express to actualize one's unique self
Virgo: discriminating, analytical, modest, neat; critical, picky, perfectionist

Needs: "I Analyze," perfecting of one's self through finding better techniques to apply one's knowledge 
Libra: balanced, harmonic, sharing, thoughtful, pleasant; unbalanced, competitive, indecisive, unaware

Needs: "I Balance," retaining one's sense of beingness while involved in relationships with shared goals
Scorpio: powerful, intense, magnetic, regenerative, motivated; controlling, secretive, suspicious, power-hungry

Needs: "I Desire," uniting one's potentials with others through deep involvements based on mutual respect
Sagittarius: optimistic, philosophical, understanding, expansive, freedon loving, idealistic; 
blunt, unreliable, fanatical, overly abstract

Needs: "I Expand," finding a broader, more philosophical basis for life through connections in a larger society
Capricorn: organized, responsible, socially aware, successful, focused on objective truth; 
overly serious, crystallized, authoritative, demanding, unbending, socially ambitious

Needs: "I Use," building a solid sense of internal security by operating successfully in the outer world
Aquarius: original, inventive, individualistic, humanitarian, independent, self-sufficient, fair-minded, freedom loving; 
erratic, rebellious, detached, unpredictable

Needs: "I Know," freedom to express one's inner individuality & originality in a meaningful way through changing one's conditioned behavior by new ideas
Cancer: nurturing, warm, protective and intuitive; moody, possessive, dependant and clinging

Needs: "I Feel," to find security in one's self by building independent personal foundations
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