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Taurus & the Second House Finding our Talents
       by Jef Bartow

As the Sun, representing the center and power of our self and the core of our personal identity, moves through childhood, much of our behavior is based on our conditioning from parents, teachers and peers.  Nonetheless, we also begin to exhibit and develop certain talents or skills individually.

From about five years old or the beginning of school, the energetic influence of Taurus, our second house activities and the ruler of Taurus, Venus significantly qualify our experiences.  Taurus is a fixed earth sign.  The fixity of Taurus provides stability, determination, patience and consistency while its earth tendency provides an influence of practicality, responsibility, persistence and dependability.  These are just the influences we need as we begin school with the reduced influence of our parents.

For those of you born with Sun in Taurus (April 20-May 19), Taurian characteristics are innate.  You will tend to be productive, practical, realistically determined, materialistic and resourceful, as well as somewhat stubborn, lazy or miserly.  These motivations in Sun in Taurus personalities center on your need in building your identity and self-worth through producing tangible results in practical activities. 

For all of us, Taurus’s ruler, Venus, represents our emotional nature, our ability to attract and appreciate people and things and our inherited values. Between five and ten, Venus also becomes highly influential on us.  We are also unconsciously motivated to fulfill second house activities and goals.  These include: developing our resources, talents and a sense of self-esteem.  For the first time, we learn how to handle money as a financial resource, even though many of us still believed money is just something you get from a bank.  By about 10 or so, we do understand that money is an exchange for our efforts or work.
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A key goal for every one of us during this period is to develop a sense of self-worth and personal resources (2nd House).  This will continue to be important until adulthood.  Even more important later on will be our spiritual step of creating and expressing our unique self-identity based on the talents and character of our soul.

All of us have one sign or another on the cusp of our second house in our birth chart.  The characteristics of this sign will powerfully condition how we go about developing our self-worth and personal resources.  For example, with Sagittarius on the second house cusp, one would naturally tend to be optimistic, philosophical or even unreliable regarding money and personal resources.  By approaching our resources, skills, talents and self-esteem (all 2nd house) with the needs of Sagittarius, fulfilling our second house goal is accelerated.  In this case, our self-worth and personal resources will be fulfilled by finding a broader, more philosophical basis for life and our resources (needs of Sagittarius).

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