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Aries & the First House – 
Early Childhood
       by Jef Bartow

The Sun in astrology represents the center and power of our self, the source of our personal character and spirit, the core of our personal identity and our potential for personal radiance.  The Sun sign of our birth provides an indelible stamp of qualification on the fundamental needs and goals of this life.  As our Sun consciousness moves around the mandala of houses, it "shines" its light on the needs of each particular period of our personal and spiritual development.

Our first five years or so are qualified by Aries, first house experiences and the ruler of Aries, Mars.  This is in addition to the specific stamp of our natal chart with our Sun and ascendant in any one of 12 signs.  Aries is a cardinal fire sign. With a cardinal quality Aries is progressive, initiating, active and energetic. In the fire element, Aries is enthusiastic, impulsive, outgoing and radiant.  Most every child, more or less, exhibits these characteristics early on.

For those of you born with Sun in Aries (March 20-April 19), these Aries characteristics are innate.  You will tend to be characteristically courageous, pioneering, initiating, and self proving, as well as somewhat hasty, argumentative, pushy and dogmatic.  These characteristic motivations center around you're need to prove your identity and sense of being through action.  In addition, Aries’s ruler, Mars or are urge to act, move outward and express our desire nature highly condition our early childhood.

During early childhood, we are unconsciously focused to fulfill first house activities and goals.  These include developing our self appearance, our identity and basic approach to life with the goal of developing our self-image.  Not yet having developed significant self-consciousness, this most naturally happens from the conditioning of our parents and early schooling.  This is why a first major step in spiritual growth is to consciously define and express our unique self-image independent of our conditioning.

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The sign on our ascendant (see end note to determine) and planets in our first house at birth provide specific opportunities throughout our life for each of us to establish and express a unique self-image. The ascendant will also signify specific soul characteristics to be expressed in this life.  With a Libra ascendant, expressing and being balanced, thoughtful and pleasant while seeking harmony in life will be our basic approach to life and very important to our self-image.  Challenges to this will come from Libra's characteristic competitiveness, indecisiveness and unawareness.  Ultimately, Libra's need for retaining a sense of beingness while involved in relationships with shared goals will always condition development of our self-image, identity and self appearance.
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Aries & the First House, Mars, Astrology, Spiritualizing your day to day life, Articles on spiritual growth
Aries & the First House, Astrology,  Spiritualizing your day to day life, Articles on spiritual growth
Living Spirit, Aries and the First House, Habits for Living a Spiritual life, Spiritualizing your day to day life, Articles on spiritual growth

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