Living Spirit, Spiritual growth and the astrological houses

House Activities and Goals

This reference guide is focused on the use of Aquarian astrology for spiritual growth and psychological development. Therefore, the astrological houses represent not only our areas of life organized astrologically, but also the psychological goals to be achieved for the developing Personality and Self. 

House descriptions & goals

1st House areas of life: self appearance and identity, approach to life

     Goal: development of self image 

2nd House areas of life: resources, talents, sense of self esteem/worth

      Goal: development of self worth and personal resources

3rd House areas of life: lower thinking, communications, community environment, early education

  Goal: development of self-understanding and self-expression

4th House areas of life: inner foundations of life, matters concerning the home and family, emotional structures

     Goal: development of personality and Self foundations

5th House areas of life: one's creativity, involvement with children, romantic and leisure activities

     Goal: expression of purpose and life goals 

6th House areas of life: our vocation/work activities, daily routine, service to others, making self-adjustments to be "useful."

  Goal: developing a sense of usefulness through self-adjustment
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Spiritual growth and the astrological houses
7th House areas of life: approach to one-on-one relationships, working cooperatively with others, a partner and the public, others image of us, hiddden qualities in need of integration, how we meet society.

     Goal: Objectification and balancing of self through others

8th House areas of life: dealing with joint resources, inheritances and partnerships; sex life, overcoming ego-desires, orientation to regeneration, transformation and death, how we gain mastery.

  Goal: regeneration of the ego and joint involvements calling for change of personal desires 

9th House areas of life: higher education, our spiritualizing activities, exchanging abstract ideas and philosophies, our approach to religious activities, travel and law, new modes of thinking, our sense of goals and purpose, our worldview/framework.

     Goal: developing an understanding/philosophy of life

10th House areas of life: one's social image, professional life and our approach to the outer world in general, what stands out to others, our relationship to authority figures, one's se;f-transcendence and status to be attained.

  Goal: developing a social image, reputation and foundation for life

11th House areas of life: activities with friends, large groups, our social circle and those who share life goals, our hopes and wishes, howe we function inthe greater systems, our ideals and aspirations, expression of destiny/success, source or our creative wisdom and use of our self-transcendence.

    Goal: developing group relatedness and contributions to groups with shared life goals 

12th House areas of life: institutions, the unconscious, service to those less fortunate than us, overcoming past karma, how we connect with the divine, our hidden weaknesses, our represssed/un-integrated energies, behind the scenes activities, confinement, our spiritual work.

     Goal: developing spiritual responsibilities and resolving past karma