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Leo & the Fifth House -- Creating Life Goals
       by Jef Bartow

As most of us reach our 20s and the end of our formal schooling, we are faced with defining some long-term goals and how we will creatively self-express in this life.  Astrologically, this is represented by the Sun progressing through the fifth house and its natural ruler, Leo from the age of 20 to 25.  As has been mentioned, until we fully commit to spiritual growth, our lifecycle is defined by Saturn and its normal 2 life cycle returns of about 60 years.

Leo is a fixed fire sign.  It's fixity brings an influence at this time to look for stability, dependability and consistency in our life endeavors.  For the majority of us, this means settling down in marriage.  It also usually means choosing a career or means of making a living financially.  Leo's fire motivates many to be enthusiastic, outgoing and future oriented in the decisions made at this time.  Even though we have left home earlier, this time period is when many truly begin to separate from parents and childhood dependencies.  This is why it is so important for parents to positively encourage while relinquishing control of their children at this time.

Leo Sun sign individuals (born July 22-August 21) have the above traits innate within their personalities.  Therefore, you can to be dramatic, expressive, generous and kind.  In addition, you can tend to be egotistical, dominating, overly proud and showy.  All this contributes to your need to creatively self express in order to actualize your unique self.  

For all us humans, Leo's ruler, the Sun, represents the center and power of our self, the core of our personal identity, our self-consciousness and our need to shine.  Our early 20s is typically when we really sprout our wings to establish ourselves as a separate and unique individual.  If we truly embrace the needs of our Sun as part of our character and soul, we now have a creative drive to grow and dynamically express our soul.
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During this same time in our early 20s, we are highly motivated regarding fifth house areas of life including: our creativity, romantic and leisure activities and involvement with children. The decisions made during this time period usually contribute  significantly in us later determining some useful purpose and/or life goals to pursue. 

Which ever sign is on our fifth house cusp conditions how we approach the above areas in life and how we determine our purpose or life goals.  For example, with Cancer on the fifth house, we would tend to approach romantic relationships by being warm, protective, intuitive and nurturing (characteristics of Cancer).  We may also tend to be moody, possessive or clinging toward romantic partners.  By qualifying our creativity, romantic activities and our attitude toward children (fifth house activities) with the needs of Cancer, we can accelerate the fulfilling of our fifth house goal of expressing our purpose and life goals.  In this example, it is finding our security in our self by building independent personal foundations (needs of Cancer).
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