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Gemini & the Third House – Gaining self-knowledge and the ability to communicate
       by Jef Bartow

As the Sun, representing the center and power of our self and the core of our personal identity moves into adolescence, we become much more aware of our sense of self and how we communicate to others.  Our community of peers also becomes very important in our development.

From late childhood to early adolescence (i.e. 10-15), the energetic influence of Gemini, our third house activities and the ruler of Gemini, Mercury significantly qualifies our experiences.  Gemini is mutable air sign.  This mutability helps us to adapt, respond to change, and become more observant and sociable within our environment.  As an air sign, Gemini helps us to be versatile, thoughtful, aspiring and detached.  Moving from elementary school to middle or junior high school requires just this change in orientation.

For those of you born with Sun in Gemini (May 20-June 19), these characteristics of Gemini are innate.  You naturally tend to be interested, intellectually communicative, curious, talkative and somewhat scattered or overly gossipy.  These internal motivations help you fulfill your need to be involved in a variety of experiences in order to accumulate knowledge and understanding.

Gemini's ruler, Mercury signifies our intellect, lower mentality and our ability to communicate and make knowledge useful.  Although we are still developing our emotional nature, we all tend to become much more focused mentally as we move into our teenage years.  
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At the same time, the influence of third house activities becomes more important to us.  Naturally these include how we think, communicate and use our education to better develop our self-expression and understanding.  The greater independence of moving from class to class and teacher to teacher further helps our ability to become more detached from parental figures.  Each and all of these influences help us to fulfill our third house goal of developing our self-understanding and self-expression through communication.

Everyone of us has a particular sign on the cusp of our third house.  The characteristics and attitudes of this sign will highly influence our approach to thinking and communicating.  For example, with Libra on the third house cusp, you will tend to communicate thoughtfully in order to maintain harmony and balance with your peers and siblings.  On the other hand, you might also tend to be competitive and unaware of how your thoughts and communications affect others.  By developing your thinking, ability to communicate and how you interact with those around you (3rd house activities) based on the needs of Libra, you can accelerate the development of your self-understanding and self-expression (3rd house goal).  In the case of Libra on the third house cusp, you gain more self-understanding by thinking, communicating and inter-relating with harmony and balance while retaining your sense of beingness in relationships with shared goals (the needs of Libra).

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