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Scorpio & the Eighth House -- Ego Transformation
 by Jef Bartow

As the center and power of our self and the core of our personal identity progresses through life in our late 30s, we have a key opportunity to evaluate our successes, failures and that which is still left undone from earlier desires and insights.  If we haven't felt it before, we begin to feel that a major transition is imminent.  For many who continue to live based on outer conditioning (pre-spiritual), this midlife crisis becomes psychically powerful after 40 with the transiting oppositions of Uranus and Saturn which occur is our early 40s.

Scorpio, its ruler Pluto and eighth House activities all become influential in this stage of life.  Scorpio is a fixed water sign.  Its fixity brings a more stable, consistent and methodical orientation to life's experiences.  Being a water sign, Scorpio also helps us to be more reflective, nurturing, sensitive, vulnerable and protective.  We can easily see this in how many parents with adolescent children change their orientation in life.

For those of you born with Sun in Scorpio (October 22 -- November 21), Scorpio characteristics condition much of life. You tend to be intense, magnetic, powerful and motivated. You may also tend to be controlling, secretive, suspicious and power-hungry.  Scorpio's influence in your life centers around your need for "I Desire," uniting your potentials with others through deep involvements based on mutual respect.

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Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, represents our transpersonal spiritual will which unconsciously motivates us for change and transformation.  Its growing influence at this time of life accelerates our focus to fulfill eighth House activities and goals. These include: dealing with joint resources, inheritances and partnerships, our sex life and overcoming ego desires.  Our opportunity here is to truly begin to regenerate our ego and personal desires to improve our various joint involvements with others.  If we do not take this opportunity in our late 30s, drastic changes and forced transformations (Pluto's influence) add to the impact of both Uranus and Saturn in our early 40s.

Within our natal astrology chart, the sign on our eighth House cusp will continually condition how we approach the eighth House activities described above.  For example, those with Leo on the eighth House cusp (normally Capricorn on the natal ascendant) will tend to be dramatic, expressive, generous and kindly (Leo characteristics) regarding joint resources, partnerships and their sex life.  They can also tend to be egotistical, dominating and overly showy in these areas of life. 

By approaching these eighth House areas of life including ego transformation with the needs of Leo, fulfilling our eighth House goals in life is accelerated.  In this case, by creatively self expressing to actualize the unique self (Leo needs), ego transformation and creating joint involvements calling for a change in personal desires (8th House goals) is more easily fulfilled.

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