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Living Spirit, Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets

(Personality) Functions

       This reference guide is focused on the use of Aquarian astrology for spiritual growth and psychological development. Therefore, the astrological planets represent objective parts or functions in the developing Personality and Self. 

      Detailed descriptions of these functions are documented in the book God, Man and the Dancing Universe, which is available through Our Store. 

Planetary Functions: personal & transformed
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Blue Galaxy, Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets
Saturn, Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets
Mars, Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets
Jupirter, Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets
Neptune,Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets
Uranus, Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets
Venus, Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets
Pluto and Charon, Spiritual growth and the astrological Planets
Mars: desire nature, urge to act and move outward from the self, modes of action based on desire. 

Transformed: will and passion, power to start
 and sustain all spiritual life-activities

Jupiter: our means of socialization, conditioned 
and assumed ethical standards and beliefs 
for living, how we seek to grow, nature of our 
wealth, how we seek integration.

Transformed: our karmic goodwill 
and rewards from the past, ability to share 
our spiritual abundance, faculty for growth 
of knowledge and understanding 

Saturn: conditioned concepts and systems for finding security within society, our self-imposed limiter or conscience, the limits of our growth from the past and boundaries of our Personality, our ability to shape and form our conscious Ego, how we relate to authority, how we develop disciple and self-control, our work ethic.
Chiron: our bridge between the objective and subjective, our deepest psychological wound. 

 Transformed: conscious pathway that leads to the fulfillment of our personal destiny, power to heal the split between the spiritual and instinctual within us

Uranus: urge for awareness beyond the conditioned Personality, urge for freedom 
and individuality, our individualized Self from the past, unconscious power to transform
and puritfy ourselvses, power for metamoorphosis. 

Transformed: power of spiritual sight, our higher intuitive nature

Neptune: urge to lose self in a larger whole, our boundary-dissolver, our idealistic one-pointedness and urge to resolve a rigid sense of individuality, our psychic powers. 

         Transformed: our inspirational wisdom beyond reason and genius creative ability, power to destroy antiquated forms and release the Self from Matter 
Pluto: unconscious compulsion for change and transformation, impetus for drastic transformations, impetus for rebirth and integration.

        Transformed: our spiritual nature and regenerating power to make us perfect, our internal spiritual will which transforms and perfects our entire soul and Personality
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Sun: self-consciousness, need to "shine," centre and power of our self, source of our personal character and spirit, core of our personal identity, potential for personal radiance.
Moon: instinctual nature and responses based on the past, unconscious habit patterns, superficial expression of the personality, our ability to adapt to life experiences, conditioned attitudes from childhood. 

Transformed: our creative drive to grow and dynamic expression of our soul  

Transformed: the reflector of our true self

Mercury: the intellect, lower mentality, our ability to communicate and make knowledge useful, habitual method of thinking, how we learn.
Transformed: mind in the service of spirit, focusing of the higher Self into the Personality, abstract mind. 
Venus: our emotional nature, our ability to attract and appreciate people and things, our values, how we give and love, how we value ourselves and others.

Transformed: feeling nature, reflector of the soul into the outer world 

Transformed: our discriminating mind, ability to bring and transform our karma, faculty to redefine our attitudes, orientation and focus