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Aquarius & the 11th House – 
Expressing our individuality in 
groups with shared goals

       by Jef Bartow

Having incorporated the internal and external changes in our 40s into a better sense of internal security based on who we are, our early 50s become an ideal opportunity to express these changes and our solid sense of character within the areas of our life that have much meaning for us. These areas include our activities with friends, large groups and those who share our hopes, wishes and life goals (all 11 house activities).

With the increased influence of Aquarius, its ruler Uranus and the 11th house activities described above, our early 50s can be a creative period of living our new sense of self. With our Chiron return at about 51, this can also be a period of accelerated crystallization and focus on the death cycle, rather than the life cycle. Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Its fixity helps us to be determined, reliable, consistent and methodical. As an air sign, its natural tendencies help us to be flexible, balanced, detached, versatile and aspiring. These qualities and tendencies can highly assist us at this critical decision point which will affect the rest of our life.

For those of you born with Sun in Aquarius (January 22 -- February 21), you naturally tend to be inventive, original, individualistic, independent and a humanitarian. You can also tend to be erratic, rebellious, detached and unpredictable. Aquarius’s significant influence in your life centers around your need for freedom to express your inner individuality & originality in a meaningful way through changing your conditioned behavior by new ideas.
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It should seem fairly obvious that the influence of Aquarius and Uranus at this time in life is just what the doctor ordered to help us break free of any remaining shackles from our conditioned childhood and young adulthood. With our children leaving the nest about this time to live their own lives, we become faced with letting go of the past and moving forward creatively, or succumbing to our past and, unfortunately, waiting for grandchildren to dote on as we grow old and die.

We each have one of the astrological signs on our 11th house cusp which influences our attitude and approach to friends, large groups and those who share our life goals. For example, those with Virgo on the 11th house cusp (normally a Scorpio ascendant person) will tend to be analytical, modest and discriminating (characteristics of Virgo) in friendships and large group relationships. They can also tend to be critical, picky and a perfectionist within these same relationships and toward those who they share goals with.

By focusing on fulfilling the needs of Virgo within the 11th house activities just described, accomplishing 11th house goals are accelerated. In this case, by perfecting themselves through finding better techniques to apply their knowledge (needs of Virgo), these individuals will more easily develop group relatedness and contributions to groups with shared life goals (11th house goals).
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Aquarius’s ruler, Uranus, stimulates our urge for awareness beyond our conditioned past. Uranus also provides us an urge for freedom, transformation and expressing our true individuality. Used consciously, our internal Uranus brings us the power of spiritual sight and our higher intuitive nature. Each of these "higher oriented" faculties are very helpful in accomplishing our 11th house goals in life: developing group relatedness and contributions to groups with shared life goals.