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Pisces & the 12th House –
Resolving past karma through 
living spiritual responsibilities

    by Jef Bartow

Our late 50s marks an end of an entire cycle in our personality life. It is an ideal time for release which can lead to a new birth in our 60s. In order for a new birth to take place, we must resolve the karma that we have built in our life to date. Fortunately, we have both our second Saturn return and transiting Neptune trine its place in our birth chart to help us. 

With the focused influence of Pisces, its ruler Neptune and the 12th house activities, our late 50s is a period for release and liberation. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Its mutability helps us to be observant, adaptable and changeable while versatile in our response to the influences during this time. As a water sign, Pisces natural tendencies help us to be reflective, nurturing, empathetic, highly sensitive and fluid. Since the focus during this period is on 12th house activities, we can naturally be motivated regarding dealing with our unconscious, service to those less fortunate than us and overcoming past karma (all 12 house activities).

For those of you born with Sun in Pisces (February 22 -- March 21), you naturally tend to be empathetic, sacrificing, compassionate and imaginative. You can also tend to be unrealistic, gullible, illusionary and isolated. Pisces’s significant influence in your life centers around your need for transcending past limitations and developing a sense of being through living your beliefs with faith while working toward goals beyond yourself.

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If we choose to make this a period of release and liberation, both the influence of Pisces and Neptune help us redefine (Saturn return at 59) how we will live the potential of a new cycle in life. For those who do not choose release and liberation during this period, the power of the death cycle accelerates. The hopes and wishes of an enjoyable twilight of life usually turns out to be a growing stagnation of our vitality and creativity in life.

We each have one of the astrological signs on our 12th house cusp which influences our attitude and approach to institutions, service to those less fortunate, our own unconscious and how we deal with past karma. For example, those with Aquarius on the 12th house cusp (normally a Pisces ascendant person) will tend to be independent, inventive and original (characteristics of Aquarius) in how they serve the less fortunate and deal with their own past limitations. They can also tend to be erratic, rebellious and unpredictable in how they move forward to release and become liberated from their life's experiences and qualifications (karma).

By focusing on fulfilling the needs of Aquarius within the 12th house activities described, accomplishing 12th house goals are accelerated. In this case, by creating the freedom to express their inner individuality and originality in a meaningful way through changing their conditioned behavior (needs of Aquarius), these individuals will more easily develop spiritual responsibilities while resolving past karma (12th house goals).

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Pisces’s ruler, Neptune, stimulates our urge to lose ourselves in a larger whole, to resolve a rigid sense of individuality, to dissolve boundaries and develop an idealistic one-pointedness. If we've taken the steps to make Neptune's influence conscious, our internalized Neptune also brings us inspirational wisdom beyond reason, a genius creative ability, the power to destroy antiquated forms and help in releasing our Self from matter. Each of these "higher oriented" faculties are very helpful in accomplishing our 12th house goals in life: developing spiritual responsibilities and resolving past karma.