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Virgo, Chiron & 
Making Improvements through Self Adjustment




 by Jef Bartow

Rarely does a new project bring early and sustained success. Many adjustments, changes and even reinventions may be required for ultimate success. This can be applied just as easily to our spiritual practices. From our first creative expression previously in Leo in the fifth house, we enter the sixth phase related to our new spiritual practice in Virgo and the qualification of the sixth phase (6th house) in the astrological mandala.

What new spiritual practice we began in the first phase (i.e. first house) with Aries now meets a point of tension in the sixth phase which will help us to improve our spiritual practice through self adjustments. Our activity based form building part of the creative cycle is almost over. Further internalization is needed regarding many spiritual practices before they can become an automatic part of our life.

Virgo represents the analytical, discriminating and constructive criticism aspect of how we approach life. Applying this attitude and perspective to our new spiritual practice can be very enlightening. Let's say our new spiritual practice is to journal each day regarding our life and spiritual growth. As described in earlier articles, the early struggles to make this a habit can be difficult. At some point we have a breakthrough and our journaling becomes easier and more prolific. This is a good success.

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This 6th phase regarding our new spiritual practice is about improving our journaling into a insightful spiritual tool. For many, the journaling process is about reviewing the day, recapping our feelings and emotions and looking for certain insights on the events of the day. This is one powerful use of journaling.

Improving our journaling through self adjustments can magnify and expand the use of this spiritual tool. One key self adjustment that applies to this spiritual practice is making the process about self-awareness and how we are or are not living our spiritual principles and values. It's about beginning to see how the actions of others are not about others, but about ourselves in the spiritual growth process.

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For example, let's say you have Aries on your sixth house cusp (normally a Scorpio ascendant person). Your normal approach to self adjustment comes through initiating new activities and being creative and pioneering (all Aries characteristics). On first brush, it would seem difficult for the "I" of Aries to focus on objective self-awareness. 

A good technique to change this focus would be to consistently focus on how others are reacting to me during daily life. When your daily routine is seemingly difficult, this would be the ideal time for this Aries to ask questions about how others are feeling or reacting. Courageously initiating a process of open feedback from others is a powerful way for Aries to become less self oriented and more other oriented. Where ever Aries is in your chart, this is a good place to apply this technique.

I'm a good example of this since I have a Scorpio ascendant and Aries on the sixth house cusp. I had little clue growing up and in early phases of my spiritual growth how others were reacting to me. Much of my spiritual growth through self adjustments became about adjusting to others feelings, needs and desires.

Another powerful tool in this process is finding where the natural ruler of this sixth phase (sixth house) is in your chart. Normally the Scorpio ascendant person has Virgo (natural 6th house ruler) on the 11th house cusp. For us Scorpio ascendant people, this means we can help improve our self-awareness through journaling (and/or all spiritual practices) by being analytical, discriminating and modest (all Virgo characteristics) when interacting with those who share our life goals and hopes and wishes (11th house activities). For myself, I did this through living in a parsonage/retreat with those who shared my life goals and purpose. I learned much about myself through them. 

Another powerful tool for improving our new spiritual practice comes from the ruler of the natural sign of the sixth house (6th phase). In the case of the sixth house, this is Chiron. Chiron represents our deepest psychological wound or Achilles' heel in this life. For baby boomers born in the early to mid 1950’s, it resides in Capricorn. This will most likely put it in the second house of the natal chart. Therefore, the Achilles' heel for these individuals has something to do with their sense of self-worth, talents and abilities (all second house areas of life) that can result in a sense of accomplishment or failure, success and responsibility in life (all Capricorn characteristics). 

Resolving this wound regarding self worth will powerfully impact the ability to be self aware and make self adjustments to others in the spiritual cycle of life.  For myself, learning about and accepting who I had been in the past and how it affected this life became a fantastic way of seeing why spiritual self adjustments has been the way for me to step forward at most every turn in life.

When all is said and done, this critical self-improvement phase regarding any new spiritual practice defines whether one only accomplishes a first level of success or transforms oneself in making a spiritual practice into a truly spiritualizing tool. Everyone must at some point critically evaluate to what degree they think their spiritual life is actually spiritually transforming their life.