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Taurus, Venus & 
Owning our Spiritual Growth




 by Jef Bartow

Continuing our new astrological series about how to use each sign and its ruler to better focus on spiritual growth, we move to our second sign of Taurus.  A typical orientation to Taurus revolves around "to have" in a sense of ownership and possessiveness. Who we are is viewed in terms of what we have. To paraphrase Dane Rudhyar: the gift of Taurus to mankind is its ability to "provide materials adequate for ever more inclusive and finer forms of self-actualization." To simplify this, Taurus has a consistent focus on being "results oriented" and doing it in a practical down-to-earth way. The spiritual gift of Taurus comes in its persistent, determined and rock of Gibraltar power once we have made a sincere commitment to spiritual growth.

It's one thing to become involved in number of spiritual activities. Aries loves to start new things, but we need Taurus to carry us through in a sustained way. Just as Aries helps us spring into action, Taurus provides us the steady patience and industriousness to bring our new activities to some successful results. What this means regarding spiritual growth is that any new spiritual focus or behavior must be grounded in a sustained commitment to be of benefit. 

One of the unfortunate ways in which the lack of Taurus manifests is what I call spiritual dabblers. This component of the spiritual community is those that will always talk about the latest fad or seminar or best-selling technique that they've immerse themselves in. A year later they’re on to the next one with little sustainability of anything they've learned.
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We need to use our Taurus and its ruler Venus to own our spiritual growth in a sustained commitment to new habits, disciplines and orientations which release us from our past and catapult us into our future. The easiest way to begin utilizing this spiritualizing power of Taurus is to see where it resides in our natal chart. The house which has Taurus on its cusp represents the areas of life where we have the greatest ease in owning our spiritual growth. So again, look at your natal birth chart to see which house cusp has Taurus on it.
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For example, if Taurus is on your sixth house cusp (typically a Sagittarius ascendant), then your vocation, work, service to others and daily routine (all six house activities) can be fairly easy ways for you to begin owning your spiritual growth. What does this mean, you ask? Simply, attending a spiritual seminar twice year will never bring about spiritual achievement. You need to make your spiritual insights and knowledge practical in how you live in day-to-day life and serve others through work, volunteer service or day-to-day relationships.

Further, the house activities with Taurus on the cusp provide a good way for you to ground yourself in a sustained spiritual commitment. For myself, I have Taurus on my seventh house of marriage and one-to-one relationships. For most of my adult life, I have lived either with a marriage partner or group with a shared commitment to spiritual growth and development. These relationships have been key for me to see my personality limitations and need for spiritual transformation.

Venus, as the ruler of Taurus, is our personality function/energy that provides us the power to help fulfill our Taurian need in owing our spiritual growth. Venus represents how we value and place importance on the circumstances and events of our daily life. It is the means in which we typically express our emotional orientation. It also represents how we approach beauty, our values, the nature of our relatedness and appreciation in life. If it seems contradictory that the bull of Taurus is ruled by the Aphrodite of Venus, then you're typically seeing Taurus on the surface and not the depths of its sympathetic, reserved, affectionate and generous qualities.

In order to get our Venus to help fulfill owning our spiritual growth, we need to look at the house and sign in which our natal Venus resides. The symbol of Venus is a circle with a cross pointing to the ground beneath it. Locate it in your natal chart and use our reference materials at our website to become more familiar with the sign qualities and house activities that are natural to your Venus in your life.

In our example, let's say that Venus is in Libra in the 11th house of the natal birth chart. Our Venus represented by how we express our values, relatedness and appreciation is therefore qualified by Libra's balance, inspiration, harmony, considerate and honest characteristics. In the 11th house, it can be highly influential in how we deal with associations, friends and our hopes and wishes (all 11th house activities). In order to help fulfill owning this individual’s spiritual growth through work, service to others and daily routine, this individual can focus also on Venus in and 11th house.

So, getting involved in associations and friendship groups in an inspirational, balanced and considerate way (Libra), will support serving others and work activities in owning their spiritual growth. The way to put this is that owning spiritual growth through work and service to others can be greatly helped by fulfilling the 11th house goal in life of "developing group relatedness and contributions to groups with shared life goals." I see the way this individual doing this would be to become a significant figure or leader in an association/friendship group directly related to their work/service to others.

For myself, I natally have Venus in Gemini in my seventh house. With Taurus on my seventh house cusp, owning my spiritual growth through one-on-one relationships and marriage (seventh house activities) can be directly enhanced by being communicative, versatile, open-minded and resourceful (Gemini characteristics) in how I appreciate, value and emotionally relate (Venus's functions) in these same one-on-one relationships and marriage.