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Reorganizing our Spiritual Life with Aquarius & Uranus



 by Jef Bartow

As mentioned in our last article, the 10th phase in the cycle of our spiritual practices and life endeavors begins with a "crisis in consciousness." Resolving this crisis requires revaluing our spiritual practices and life endeavors beyond personal fulfillment. This revaluing in the 10th phase can bring about a personal rebirth or spiritual initiation. It can also include fulfilling our individual success or creative genius in life.

The realizations and revaluing in consciousness during the 10th phase only begins a threefold process in the completion of our creative cycle. The second part of this threefold process is the 11th phase of reorganization. Our new set of values and orientation needs to now become grounded. In essence, a new set of ideals and aspirations need to be used in the expression of our success and/or destiny. The 11th phase is about putting them into operation as part of our participation in a greater group, organization or system.

This reorganization includes turning our consciousness toward the future. Our opportunity is to recapitulate our past, solidifying and expressing newly acquired ideals and aspirations while anticipating our future possibilities. This is accomplished through creative expression of what we've learned in our revaluing completed in the 10th phase.

First and foremost, the sign on our 11th house cusp and planets in the 11th house are a primary means of moving forward. For example, I have Neptune in Libra in my 11th house. Creatively expressing how I revalued my life in the 10th phase included leaving the business community to focus entirely on how I could help transform a growing malaise in the spiritual community through my direct involvement with larger groups and associations. My approach has been one of compassion, idealistic one-pointedness and a willingness to resolve my rigid sense of individuality (all functions of Neptune) with a sharing, thoughtful and harmony oriented approach (characteristics of Libra).
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Aquarius and its ruler Uranus (natural to the 11th house) are powerful additional ways to fulfill reorganization. By bringing an inventive, humanitarian, fair-minded and freedom loving orientation (characteristics of Aquarius) to the house activities where Aquarius is in your natal chart will automatically stimulate and facilitate reorganization in the 11th phase of our creative cycle. With Aquarius in my third and fourth houses, this has included being Aquarian in my writing, communication and self-expression (third house activities and goals). It has also included fully expressing an Aquarian orientation to home life, family and the foundations of my life experiences (fourth house activities). 

A good example of this relates to my current home environment. My wife and I have spent more than five years transforming the house and property we bought to become an expression of the characteristics of Spirit. We not only renovated much of the inside of the house, but meticulously cultivated extensive landscaping, gardens and a river restoration on the property. 

The thousands of hours we invested has culminated in the creation of a spiritual sanctuary, not only for us and our visitors, but all of the diverse wildlife that now increasingly makes our property their home. What began as a rustic masculine Colorado landscape of scrub oaks and cottonwoods now includes a diversity of trees and gardens which express the feminine characteristics of Spirit including harmony, peace, serenity, love and beauty.

An additional way to bring about reorganization in this 11th phase in the creative cycle is Uranus, the natural ruler of the 11th house. Uranus is our power for metamorphosis, urge for freedom and individuality and can become our power of spiritual sight and higher intuitive nature. By consciously embracing this tremendous potential within us in the house activities in which it resides in our birth chart adds another dimension in reorganizing our spiritual life. 

For myself, Uranus is natally in Cancer in the eighth house. Using my power of spiritual sight and higher intuitive nature in dealing the joint resources, partnerships and overcoming ego-desires (all 8th house areas of life) has definitely helped reorganization of my spiritual life. In Cancer, it would somehow relate to home life and family (Cancer’s natural home) and the need for me to be nurturing, warm and protective (all characteristics of Cancer) in expression. This is exactly what led us to express the potential of our house and property (joint resources in my spiritual partnership) through creating a nurturing, warm and protective environment for all of life.

Within this 11th phase, opportunities will present themselves in fully implementing our creative expression of reorganization. As we move forward creatively with practical effectiveness and increasing awareness which begins this sub cycle, we will receive creative inspiration and direction toward our destiny. An early pitfall/outcome, especially if we move forward with spiritual compulsion, is some form of fatality or death, whether within us or the environment of our creative expression. Further along, we will also face difficulty with effectively integrating and disseminating our reorganization. This is natural as we must transform any remaining obstacles within our ego/personality to the destiny of our creative expression.

Making effective adjustments within ourselves will then provide another opportunity for personal rebirth or initiation. It may also include another realization/choice of whether to follow true creativity or "art for art's sake." Because this 11th phase involves how we use our creative genius and realizations, we will also face how our creative impulse meets old traditional know-how in the outer world.

Excellent examples of this show in our above mentioned house and property transformation. Our creative inspiration to qualify various landscaping and gardens with characteristics of Spirit met with major opposition from the environment. Within the first few years, we experienced the fatality/death of a significant portion of new trees, shrubs and plants through the predatory grossness of how gophers, moles and deer lived on our property. We also experienced the un-spiritualized normalcy of various contractors who were engaged in helping us transform our gravel driveway into a stain stamped concrete entrance and metamorphosising our beautiful, but mosquito infested river bank into a serene river playground including a "Yoga on the River" deck and pergola.

We now enjoy the rebirth of this property which is fulfilled by the reorganization of our spiritual life through our daily environment. Our success is the ability to draw and anchor characteristics of Spirit in all we do. Each of us has this 11th phase opportunity to take our revalued spiritual practices and life endeavors and make them a fundamental part of our creative expression and destiny. As we should expect, it will require diligence, persistence and a true commitment to move beyond personal satisfaction toward a greater contribution within a larger system that we are a part of.