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Revaluing our Spiritual Life thru Capricorn and Saturn


                   Capricorn      Saturn

 by Jef Bartow

As discussed in the last article, the ninth phase in the spiritual cycle of any practice, project or life endeavor brings the challenges of expanding our spiritual orientation beyond personal fulfillment. If we circumnavigate the slippery slope of a struggle with inertia or continuing with either a loss of meaning or living "art for art's sake," we face a crisis in consciousness in moving forward with focused effective action. If we face this crisis, it will bring about a dynamic change and focusing of energies in our spiritual practices as we further integrate them with outer society.

The 10th phase in our spiritual cycle is represented by the 10th house, Capricorn and its ruler Saturn in the mandala of astrology. Traditionally, the 10th house represents our social image, professional life and the outer world in general. On the spiritual cycle, the key word is "revaluing." Other more spiritual activities in the 10th house are our "self-transcendence" in our "status to be attained." The goal of our personality and ego here is developing a social image, reputation foundation for life. On the spiritual cycle, it becomes living a spiritual foundation in all of life.

So what does this mean? In the ninth phase we have expanded our spiritual orientation as a philosophy for life. You might say that the 10th phase is where the rubber meets the road. Instead of expanding, going deeper or more internalizing our new spiritual practice, project or life endeavor begun in the first phase of Aries, here we revalue all key aspects of our ordinary life to become spiritualizing activities. The challenge here is to revalue our relationships, work and how we interact in society to more fully express our expanded spiritual orientation.
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Let's begin with relationships. For most of us, our close relationships are either our marriage or with one or more key family members. If we have been earnestly pursuing spiritual growth for any period of time, our marriage relationship will either change, improve or die. For many, this includes a divorce and new marriage with a more "spiritually" oriented partner. This 10th phase is where we evaluate, revalue and initiate actions to create the partnership that will support us in the remaining focus of our growth.
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As you can imagine, this means taking the spiritual principles you've learned and applying them to the remaining mundane issues in the marriage which can include money, intimacy, conditional love, pet peeves, fulfilling gender roles, emotional pains, assumed expectations and security and comfort issues. I have not encountered a single couple, regardless of their spiritual orientation, who are not still exhibiting normal human nature attitudes and behaviors in some of the above areas in their marriage. 

One of my advanced spiritualizing habits for life is: focus on the air, not the water. At one time or another, we've all learned about whether the glass is half-full or half-empty. A positive approach to life is to focus on how much water is in the glass and not the air or emptiness of the glass. This is how most everyone learns to positively approach their marriage. 

A spiritual partnership must have a vast majority of the glass full to be supporting spiritual growth. Getting into the 90th percentile will never happen by focusing on the water. We must focus on the remaining issues as defined above to remove the remaining air in the glass of our partnership.

It's probably even easier to understand what it means to revalue our work. This is not the same thing we talked about in the six phase. Here, it is about successfully initiating those changes that will assure that we can live our spiritual focus during this period of every day. A good example of this is the expanding of our journaling practice into an ongoing meditative reflection of the day's activities. Fulfilling the opportunity of the 10th phase in the spiritual cycle is to begin communicating, making decisions and taking actions at work consistently based on our meditative reflections and insights. It's not enough to just understand that the boss is a jerk. In this 10th phase, we need to move to a place where our authority figures (a 10th house area) are somehow aligned with our spiritual principles. In some cases, this means becoming your own boss.

Without going into detail, the same applies to the rest of our activities in society. This can range from our neighborhood socialization to our interaction with local government, education and businesses. It will definitely include all of our volunteer activities and causes that we support. Obviously, it will also include your relationship with your spiritual teacher.

Within our natal astrology chart, the placement of Capricorn and its ruler Saturn become supporting assets in our 10th phase opportunity for growth. Where ever Capricorn resides are additional activities that can support our revaluing. I have Capricorn on my third house cusp. This means I can bring about self-transcendence and my spiritual status to be attained (10th phase/house goals) by being disciplined, organized, responsible and focused on objective truth (all characteristics of Capricorn) in how I think, communicate and interact within my community environment (third phase/house activities). For me, this has become my becoming an author and publisher of spiritual books that focus on the depths of living spiritually and fulfilling one's destiny.

As also mentioned, Capricorn’s ruler Saturn can be of assistance to us here. In my chart, I have Saturn in Virgo in the 11th house. This means I can further my self-transcendence while attaining my destiny (10 phase goals) by using my discriminating mind, my ability to bring and transform karma and to redefine attitudes and orientation (transformed functions of Saturn) when interacting with friends, large groups, associations and those who share my spiritual goals (11th house activities). I can accomplish this most easily by doing this with a discriminating, analytical and modest focus (characteristics of Virgo). Since the publishing of my first book, I have also been focused on engaging, interacting and speaking within various spiritual groups and organizations to help them to fill the needs and goals of their educational activities.

If we focus on revaluing the areas of our life outside our specific spiritual practices during this powerful 10th phase in the spiritual cycle, we will achieve a personal rebirth or spiritual initiation. As we progress, we will be provided with catalysts in expressing our individual creative genius while fulfilling our human potential through conscious creativity. By the end of this phase, we will see a materialization of one or more of our most cherished spirit-conditioned values.

Besides focusing directly on these 10 phase/house opportunities, look to where Capricorn and its ruler Saturn reside in your natal astrology chart. By exhibiting the positive aspects of Capricorn and Saturn in these areas of life, your self-transcendence and moving forward to attain the spiritual status that is your potential can be greatly accelerated.