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Aries, Mars & Our Power to 
Start Spiritual Life-Activities 



 by Jef Bartow

Having completed our personality lifecycle defined by the astrological houses and the Sun’s progression through them, we are now ready to explore how our spiritual self-identity (also characterized by the Sun) can be created during this same lifecycle. Instead of a progressive development, this means transforming our astrology mandala into a spiritual growth tool. So, for the next 12 months we will use the Sun's transit through each sign as a spotlight on what that sign and it's planetary ruler potentially represents within each of us in becoming a spiritual person.

The most powerful use of these new insights will come by specifically knowing your own natal chart. You can obtain your natal chart online or as a free member's benefit in our internet-based living spirit community at As before, we begin with Aries and its ruler Mars. Dane Rudhyar, in Astrological Insights into the Spiritual Life, outlines the "essential potentiality or quality of existence" of each astrological sign. Utilizing this and the symbolic representation of the planets within our personality makeup, we can gain major insights in utilizing our natal chart for spiritual transformation.

Aries provides our "ability to spring into action" or "mobilization." Aries can be utilized easily for any "new type of outward-direct action." Mobilization includes two main phases: 1) "breaking away from the past condition of stability" and 2) taking "action of a definite nature" in a "dynamic encounter… with the realities essential to the new situation." Spiritual growth is definitely not a passive activity. We must be willing to consistently break away from our past and take self initiated action in an ever expanding new spiritual reality.
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Where Aries is in our natal chart represents the areas of life where we have the greatest ease in new beginnings. So, with your natal chart in hand look to see which house cusp has Aries on it. For example, with Aries on the fifth house cusp natally, these individuals will naturally create new beginnings through creativity, self-expression, children and through leisure time activities (all fifth house activities). For key information regarding your Aries house, see our archives reference materials by clicking here. In addition, these individuals will also have the greatest ease in breaking away from their past in these areas of life.  So, use your Aries house activities from your natal chart to review your life to see how this has been real for you.
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For myself, I have Aries on the six house cusp and Mars in the sixth house natally. My spiritual commitment has definitely seen many instances where I have had to break away from the past and seek new beginnings in my vocation, service to others, making self-adjustments and in my daily routine (all six house activities). Looking back, I have realized that every job I had only lasted 2 to 3 years, with many of them not being voluntary changes.  I learned the hard way that this area of my life was very important in how I adapted to the inherent changes necessary in spiritual growth. 

Mars, as a ruler of Aries, is our personality function that provides us the energy or power to fulfill our Aries needs. Mars provides our urge to act and to move outward in life. Growing up, it is our desire nature and is expressed through our “I wants” in life. This is very positive in building a unique personality and self-image. On the Spiritual Path, our desire nature is transformed into our will and passion. Mars then provides us the volition to move through and beyond the limitations of our past conditioning while creating the new realities of our spiritual life.
With your own natal chart, find which sign and house your Mars resides in at birth. Look for the Mars symbol, a circle with an arrow pointing to the sky around the astrological mandala of your chart. Our reference materials will also provide the various symbols for the signs and planets in your chart. 

In our example with Aries on the fifth house cusp, we can look to where Mars is in the chart to find other areas of life which can be highly fruitful in creating a new spiritual reality. For instance, if Mars is in Pisces in the fourth house in this natal chart, then the home, family life, inner foundations and emotional structures (all fourth house areas of life) are an ideal place to begin in creating a new spiritual reality. From birth, this individual’s urge to act and desire nature has been qualified by being empathetic, compassionate, imaginative and sacrificing (Pisces attitudes). In the fourth house, this is especially true concerning all fourth house areas of life as described above.

In transforming this individual’s desire nature into the will and passion to take spiritualizing actions in her/his home, family and emotional orientations in life, she/he accelerates fulfilling the need to break away from the past and initiate new spiritual activities in creativity, self-expression, regarding children and leisure activities (needs of Aries on the fifth house cusp).

With my Mars in Taurus in the sixth house with Aries on the cusp, my normally pragmatically fixed desire nature regarding work, service to others and daily routine became transformed into the volition and will to completely change my careers and service to others two to three times so far in this life. The reality of spiritual growth for me has become the ability to be persistent, determined, resourceful and practical (all Taurus attitudes) in how I willfully and passionately fulfill my spiritual service and destiny.