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Gemini, Mercury & 
Adjusting to Our Growth Environment



 by Jef Bartow

 Both Mercury and Gemini are normally related to intelligence and knowledge. As personalities, we are highly conditioned to develop our intelligence and our base of knowledge in which to live life. On the Spiritual Path, this focus must change. As Dane Rudhyar put it: "intelligence is the ability to adjust to one's environment so that one may extract from it optimal conditions for personal growth and creative self-fulfillment." Additionally, we also need to transfigure the intellect of our Mercury into an instrument for gaining understanding, both in present life and from our past.

Once we've started our new spiritual activities through Aries and committed to owning our growth through Taurus, we now need to use our first point of contact with this new impetus. This first point of contact is our environment. It is a spiritual necessity that at some point we must change our environment in order to accelerate our growth, but right now we have the fertile field of opportunity for growth through our present environment, whatever that environment is.

The approach to growth in our current environment comes from utilizing the higher aspect of Mercury. This transformed Mercury is mind in the service of spirit. Utilizing our higher mind faculties of analytical thought, abstract thought and discrimination, we can better dissect our environment for its spiritual growth opportunities. The primary key to our opportunity doesn't come in how we will help others, but how we can understand ourselves, our motivations, our inertia and conditioning and how we are responsible for our current environment.

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A spiritual truism provided to me by my spiritual mentor goes like this: if you can't transmute (i.e. change, transform, etc.) something today, then live it until you can transmute it. It's easy to see how we continue to live within our environment, but it's more important to understand what we continue not to change or transform about our environment. The spiritual use of our third house, Gemini and Mercury is to implement spiritual adjustments to and within our environment as part of our spiritual growth.
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With your natal birth chart in hand, look to see what house has Gemini on its cusp. As we've seen with both Aries and Taurus, these life activities will be a natural and comfortable place to become adjustment oriented. For example, if Gemini is on your second house cusp (typically a Taurus ascendant individual), then it is naturally easy and comfortable for you to make adjustments based on your financial environment, your resources, your talents and how you seek to develop your sense of self-worth (all second house life activities). Therefore, it is natural to start using these activities to initiate and stimulate spiritual growth.

Next, look to what sign and house your natal Mercury resides. The house that Mercury resides in natally is additional life activities that can help you spiritually adjust within your current life environment. Say, for example that Mercury resides in Virgo in the fifth house. Then, your creative expression, involvement with children and romantic and leisure activities (all fifth house life activities) are also a fertile place to begin spiritual adjustments based on using your mind in service to spirit. Mercury being in Virgo indicates that is easy for you to be discriminating, modest and analytical in perfecting yourself through finding better techniques to apply your knowledge and understanding (characteristics and needs of Virgo).  The sign characteristics of Mercury’s natal position are a natural way to approach spiritually adjusting to the environment.

In our example, if we apply our analytical mind to the environment we live in, is it a place of creative expression, romantic and leisure activities or are we missing that part in the inertia of our current environment? Are we also utilizing our financial resources talents and self-identity to adjust our life to our spiritual commitment (Gemini on the second house)?

For myself, I have Gemini on my eighth house cusp with Mercury in Taurus in my sixth house. This means that adjusting my life to spiritual growth would come naturally through partnerships, common interests with others and on rebirth and regeneration of my ego (all eighth house life activities). For the first 15 years of my adult life, I lived within a parsonage/spiritual retreat with a group of similarly spiritually minded individuals who were easily motivated to help me tame my spiritual ego.

In addition, utilizing my mind in service of spirit (transformed Mercury) most naturally and easily came through my day-to-day routine, service to others, my work and how I made self-adjustments in my spiritual commitment (all six house life activities). With Mercury in Taurus, it meant that I had to be productive, practical and realistically determined in order to help build my spiritual identity and self-worth (Taurus characteristics and needs).

I was continually reminded that owning my spiritual growth through my commitment to living in a spiritual group environment necessitated a new and sustained attitude and orientation of adjustment, both in self and in behaviors. Learning this new attitude and orientation became my saving grace when living in a spiritual group environment was no longer possible and I was required to move forward spiritually on my own.