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Releasing the Past 
thru Pisces & Neptune


                   Pisces      Neptune

 by Jef Bartow

It would seem unrealistic that there would be any further sub cycles in the creative process beyond those already described in our previous articles. But, as in any creative endeavor, there is a final end through transcendence or death. The result of the 12th subphase in our spiritual practices and life endeavors is the releasing of the past which may or may not leave a new seed for a future cycle. Sometimes it will only feel like death. In others it will be a final liberation and spiritual transcendence.

On the Spiritual Path, major spiritual initiations lead to the death of the personality, ego and many times the physical body. Only recently has there become the opportunity to complete the seven major solar Initiations while maintaining a personality on the physical plane. In order to do this, an individual must be willing to release any and all attachments to the past, from this life and through previous lives. The Buddha saw this eventuality in all spiritual endeavors and taught that spiritual liberation must come through detachment from "all suffering." A synonym for all suffering is all matter.

As long as we maintain an attachment to any of life's activities as described by the 12 houses in astrology, we will leave some of our spiritual work unfinished to be continued through death and rebirth in future lives. The 12th subphase in our creative cycle represented by the 12th house, Pisces and Neptune is how we can most easily move forward to release our past.

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The 12th house represents our hidden weaknesses, how we can overcome past karma, aspects of confinement including our repressed/unintegrated energies from our past and how we can through service to others less fortunate than us sacrifice ourselves to our future spiritual work. By utilizing the characteristics of the sign on our 12th house cusp and planets in our 12th house focused on 12th house activities, we can most expeditiously bring to the surface that which must be released before completing our work here on earth. Immediately, this focus will shed light on significant karma from the past that must be resolved.
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For example, I have Libra on my 12 house cusp natally with no planets in the 12 house. I also have a good portion of Scorpio in the 12 house including it on my ascendant. For much of my life, I have preferred to seek a more solitary existence independent of messy relationships. The reality of my life has been that I have lived and worked the vast majority of my life based on key one-on-one and group relationships. This includes 15 years living in a retreat and later focusing on creating a retreat environment through my home, property and key relationships with my spiritual partner, her children and my godson. I also spent more than 10 years creating a spiritual partnership in business to help transform the way the business community operates. 

The overriding means of being successful in these endeavors has been for me to maintain a balanced, harmony oriented, sharing and thoughtful focus (all characteristics of Libra). With the overall configuration of my natal chart, one would conclude that this would at least be difficult to nigh on improbable. With Libra on my 12th house cusp, it would also involve key one-on-one relationships (Libra's naturally ruling the seventh house of one-on-one relationships). Without getting into a lot of detail, it has been the primary way that I have been able to release major karma from key embodiments of mine over the last 500 years.

The most difficult part of releasing the past recently has been to let go and release all attachments to these key one-on-one relationships. Some of these relationships have died. Others have gone through major transformation. Some are still in the throes of transcendence or death.

As has been described in each previous article, looking in your chart to where the natural ruling sign of the sub cycle and its ruler reside can provide fertile additional areas to fulfill the needs and goal of the sub cycle. For the 12th sub cycle, this is the 12th house natural ruler of Pisces and its ruler Neptune. I have Pisces on my fifth house cusp and in my fourth house. So, by being compassionate, imaginative and sacrificing (all characteristics of Pisces) through my creative self expression, involvement with children (activities of the fifth house) and matters concerning my home and family (activities and the fourth house), I have moved forward to additionally resolve my hidden weaknesses, repressed subconscious and past karma (all activities of the 12 house). As described above, my home and family (both biological and spiritual) has literally helped me transcend human attachments.

My Neptune in Libra in the 11th house has also synergistically contributed to my self transcendence. My willingness to be compassionate, idealistic and one pointed with a willingness to resolve my rigid sense of individuality (all functions of Neptune) in a sharing, thoughtful and harmony oriented approach (characteristics of Libra) in an environment with those that share my life goals (11th house activities) has further helped me release my past as a child and young adult and the conditioning of how I should be in our human society. My focus on living and working in a retreat environment has been spending the vast majority of my time with those who share my life goals.

In the 12th subphase of our creative cycle, we will be faced with immediate tension and need to let go which may seem ambiguous at the time. Further along, we will see some materialization of our spiritual focus and finally a subjective synthesis with us. If we miss the opportunities provided, we will sink into an automatic life focus that will bring a loss of meaning and value and finally death as an escape.

For myself, I have been in this 12th sub cycle for the last few years. My experience of it has included a sense of confinement, sacrifice and spiritual work toward a future that is not clearly evident (all 12th house activities). On the bright side, I have overcome deeply rooted karma and repressed energies ingrained within my soul and subconscious from my lives going back to scholasticism in the 1000’s ad. One result has been a further connecting with the divine (12th house) that provides me with the commitment and diligence to complete my spiritual work which will make my death a true spiritual liberation from the imprisonment of matter.

As is probably obvious at this point, the last few sub cycles in our creative process are more oriented to all of our spiritual practices and life endeavors beyond personal fulfillment of a specific spiritual practice. The beauty is how we can use our astrology chart and its spiritual mandala to lead us in co-creating our spiritual fulfillment with the spiritual forces and Beings that are naturally provided based on our destiny.