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This ongoing series uses the yearly cycle of the Sun through the signs as a reflector of our personal and spiritual growth cycles in life.  Each year (and our life) begins in Aries and the first house of the astrological mandala.  As we progress in life, we move counterclockwise around the mandala of life experiences culminating in our return to our ascendant of birth, which also represents our death.

Without your natal chart, it is not easy to determine the placements and specifics of your natal planets.  You can determine the Sun by the day of your birth.  A simple, but not precise way of determining your ascendant is to take your Sun sign and move forward one sign for each two hours you were born after dawn.  For example, if you're born at 12:30 p.m. on April 5th, your ascendant would be three signs after Aries (i.e. Cancer).

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