Living Spirit, God, Man and the Dancing Universe, A Synthesis of Metaphysics, Science and Theology, Jef Bartow, Table of Contents
Annotated Table of Contents



Chapter 1 -- A Whole New Perspective

     After outlining psychology, science, theology, astrology, metaphysics and philosophy as systems of perspective and study, a model is created as a basis for integrating these six perspectives. This new holistic orientation will be used to gain a more comprehensive understanding of life, Man and our universe.

Chapter 2 -- Key Underlying Ideas

     This introduction provides some general underlying concepts regarding the material to follow. It redefines the fundamental makeup of our manifested universe in terms of dualities and continuums. It also lays out a new orientation to consciousness and spirit based on an integrated view from diverse fields of study.

Section 1   Man's Objective Universe

Chapter 3 -- A Radical New Organization of Spirit and Matter

     From the diverse past and present descriptions of spirit and matter, a continuum of spirit/matter is defined. Combining unique new insights and the double helix structure of DNA, a more comprehensive structure of Spirit/Matter is explained including both Objectivity and Subjectivity.
nce deep sleep, the symbolic creative process is revealed which will help explain God's creative process. The Realms of Form and Balance described here provide the final pieces to assure Man's ultimate perfection. This Section closes by reviewing the creative unfolding of subjective energies (Forces) as they precipitate physical life.

God, Man and the Dancing Universe
God, Man and the Dancing Universe, A Synthesis of Metaphysics, Science and Theology, Jef Bartow

Chapter 4 -- Our Objective Material Living Quarters

     Updating metaphysics’ "planes of existence," a systematic breakdown of outer Objectivity in our universe is outlined. By redefining the organization of the outer planes, major inconsistencies among our perspectives are reconciled. Further, the mental and emotional worlds of Man are described including key spiritual and astrological relationships.

Chapter 5 -- The Spiritual Planes

     After explaining a significant psychological barrier between "spirituality" and materiality, a detailed description of the intuitional and spiritual worlds is presented. From synchronicity and nirvana to contemplation and the "Eternal Tao," 14 spiritual energies and states are puzzled together into a complete synthesized picture our Planes of unifying wholeness.

Chapter 6 -- Spirit’s Synthesizing Abstractions

     Venturing beyond what has been defined by most philosophies and theologies, the existence and energies of the Monad are systematically outlined. From there, the highest Plane of Spirit is described as a reflection of SPIRIT for Man.

Chapter 7 -- Inner Objectivity

     Stepping inward from our "outer reality," the instinctual and imaginative worlds are described in detail. Through a better understanding of these energies and their spiritual growth opportunities, a complete picture of lower Man’s universe is defined.

Chapter 8 -- Our Inner Spiritual Steps

     Delineating inner from outer spiritual existence, the reality of an inspiration world and its energies is discussed. From ideals to "rapture," this powerfully spiritualizing Plane of existence is revealed. Further, the dual paths of the Mystic and Knower are outlined including their different approaches to spiritualization.

Chapter 9 -- The Attic of Unification and Beyond

     Here Man's ultimate unification and highest point of love are detailed. The realities of "Beatitudes," the "Angel of Presence" and the "Void" are 3 of the 10 spiritual states outlined comprising this upper part of the "Spiritual World."

Section 2   Man's Subjective Universe

Chapter 10 -- Subjectivity, Reality or Fiction?

     From key Eastern and Western sources, the parallel existence of Subjectivity is brought into the light of day. Beyond Man’s internal perspective, this complementary helix to Objectivity completes a more comprehensive structure of Spirit/Matter.

Chapter 11 -- Our Subjective Origins

     Before detailing Subjectivity, the cosmic sources of our systemic energies are overviewed. The flow of energy into our universe and Man’s ascent to his source demonstrate the cyclic process of life and expression. This chapter concludes by defining our highest spiritualized Realm of Coherence which locates the source of our systemic Rays and Consciousness.

Chapter 12 -- The Kingdom of God

     Complementing the outer Spiritualized Planes, the higher subjective Realms of Forces and Being are defined and described presenting a more comprehensive picture of Spirit. The trinity makeup and unfolding of each subjective Realm reveals how Forces working through Laws creates Presence, and Life working through Centres creates Soul.

Chapter 13 -- Realm of Souls

     A synthesized map of Subjectivity wouldn't be complete without a pivotal Realm of Meaning being described. Demonstrating Meaning's set of processes begins to reveal the actual nature of God’s creativity. This chapter also demonstrates how this Realm integrates the diverse descriptions of "Archetypes," inner retreats," the self-conscious Soul and various "heavens" to name a few.

Chapter 14 -- Transition into Matter

     The highest materialized Realm of outer Subjectivity is presented as our lower heaven, the Garden of Eden or Devachan. Placing the human soul and the variety of Entities here underscores these subjective counterparts to our Ego and mentality. Describing the initial unfolding of material life through Qualification helps reveal the subjective reversal from Spirit into Matter located here.

Chapter 15 -- Our Dream Realm

     This chapter opens by helping us move from viewing our dreams as "within us" to the reality of a dream world in which we dream. Learning to consciously mold our dreams presents the importance of Molding in creating forms within materiality. Further, from the morphogenetic fields of science to force fields of metaphysics, the role of Life Fields in creative manifestation is outlined.

Chapter 16 -- Moving into the Inner of the Inner

     Outlining the five-level structure of inner Subjective that completes a comprehensive model of Spirit/Matter begins with the inner spiritualized Realms of Attraction, Intent and Colour. The energies from these Realms beyond sleep are revealed as creative influences assisting Man's growth and manifestation of all Life.

Chapter 17 -- Completing Our Non-Physical Tour of Spirit/Matter

     Before outlining the two Realms where we experience deep sleep, the symbolic creative process is revealed which will help explain God's creative process. The Realms of Form and Balance described here provide the final pieces to assure Man's ultimate perfection. This Section closes by reviewing the creative unfolding of subjective energies (Forces) as they precipitate physical life.

Section 3   Our Overly Big-Banged Universe

Chapter 18-- Current Scientific Theories …or Debates

     This Section opens with a review of Classical, Relativity and Quantum theories and their main differences in perspective. This presentation moves to the realistic conclusion that each theory explains a reality which we cannot ignore.

Chapter 19 -- Evolving Theories

     This chapter brings the scientific perspective into the 21st-century by outlining the Standard Model, Quantum Gravity, Superstring and M theories. Further, discussion of the "emerging science of Wholeness" creates a scientific basis for the Reality beyond physicality.

Chapter 20 -- Our Whole Physical Universe

     Beyond our visible universe, the unseen composition of our entire physical existence is outlined. The role of dark matter, black holes, virtual particles and the “ether” beyond the speed of light demonstrate a living, growing and dancing universe of life.

Chapter 21 -- The Physical Subjective

      Inwardly mirroring the objective Physical Plane, the reality of a subjective physicality is revealed. This Section closes with a description of our subjective energy Body the "double" or subjective physical consciousness for Man.

Section 4. Man in his Castle

Chapter 22 -- Man's Structure for Life

     Within a new model of Spirit and Matter, Man’s Energy Structure is detailed. Around this "Tree of Life" foundation, the various outer and inner parts of Man are mapped including the Personality, Ego, Self, Soul and Monad.

Chapter 23 -- Man's Physicality

     Describing Man's dual physical nature parallels various dualities presented earlier. Rounding out our discussion of our Tree of Life and an updated model of Man, the importance and difficulty of physical existence is confirmed.

Chapter 24 -- Our Childhood or Primitive Personality

     Building an integrated model of Man from our various perspectives begins with a definition of our Animal Soul and Dream Ego. From his dual primitive consciousness, the lower driving influence of our instinctual nature, instincting senses and instinctual body is described.

Chapter 25 -- Developing a First Level Personality

     Completing a description of our first level personality necessitates an insightful delineation of our emotions from our feelings and desires. A detailed description of our feeling senses solidifies the dual nature of our emotionality and first major transition in growth.

Chapter 26 -- Bodies and more bodies

      To better understand our diverse makeup, this chapter begins by outlining the 12 component parts of all our Bodies, from physical to mental. From this general structure, the reality of our emotional body and dream life vehicle is presented.

Chapter 27 -- Maturing a Personality

     Further updating our model of Personality unveils the Energy Structure and consciousness components in today's humanity. A detailed description of our imaginative nature and senses reveals the reality of this much understood part of ourselves.

Chapter 28 – Our Mentality

     Our Personality wouldn't be complete without understanding our intellect and thinking senses. From thinking and imaginative senses, the bodies which we develop within these Planes are described.

Chapter 29 -- Becoming a Whole Integrated Personality

     Understanding Man whole lower nature necessitates defining and integrating the complexity of our Personality, Ego, dual mental nature, Egoic Lotus and highest thinking senses. With this objective Man on the precipice of transcendence, the contact and use of the higher energies and the Bodies we develop around the Mind are also described.

Chapter 30 -- Our Subjective Soul Nature

     This chapter explains the nature and characteristics of our subjective soul and how its 12 parts stimulate cyclic embodiment through the various "bardo" states. Further, here is outlined the process by which the soul becomes the self-conscious Soul.

Chapter 31 -- Actualizing the Self

     From the foundation of an integrated Personality, this chapter begins a discussion the conscious construction of the Self and its components. Defining our intuitive nature and five intuiting senses helps set the stage for understanding our potential Buddha nature and Body of intuition.

Chapter 32 -- Achieving Bliss and Gnosis

     From the mystics' experiential evidence of bliss and rapture, the reality of our inspirational nature and potential for actualizing five faculties of knowing is demonstrated. In addition, the higher Christ Self and Body which we can develop and step into are also outlined.

Chapter 33 -- Becoming Our Potential Self and Being

     Completing an updated model of the Self includes describing the highest aspect of Man as an expression of his God Within. Integrating the definitions and experiences from our various perspectives reveals the truth of our Supreme Self, Being and Divine Will existence.

Chapter 34 -- Our Monadic Destiny

     Complementing the objective/subjective nature of Man, our outer Monad and oneness of subjective Presence are revealed. Painting a picture of our "Absolute" completes our new model of Man and the individual atom in the ocean of God we can become.

Section 5. Our External Instruments for Growth

Chapter 34 -- Our Spiritualizing Objective Forces

     Understanding what makes our objective growth possible begins by investigating the 7 objective Forces which condition our spiritualized Planes. Beyond the Trinity of will, love and active intelligence conditioning our synthesizing abstractions of Spirit, the four Forces which influence the Planes of lower Spirit are also described in detail.

Chapter 35 -- Objective Materialized Forces

     This chapter focuses on delineating and describing the five objective Forces which condition materialized Matter. From the Force of substance to that of momentum, the reality that we have external Forces which facilitate our survival and growth is confirmed.

Chapter 37 -- Our 12 Physical Forces

     Expanding on conventional wisdom’s "4" fundamental forces, a more comprehensive model of 12 physical forces is described providing some missing links to a unified field theory. In addition, a precipitation theory is presented to fully understand how our 12 physical forces are fractals of our universe's 12 objective Forces.

Chapter 38 -- Dimensions of Time and Objective Space

     Incorporating concepts of time from metaphysical, philosophical and theological perspectives, 3 dimensions of Objective Time, Imaginary Time and No Time are delineated. After reviewing the scientific debate on the "shape of space," an expanded model of six dimensions of time and space is constructed.

Chapter 39 -- Dimensions of Growth

     Venturing into the undefined domain of 10, 11 or 26 quantum dimensions, recapitulating the process of birthing, living and dying for Man and our universe exposes the reality of Dimensions of Growth. Capitalizing on Dane Rudhyar's cyclic astrology and the gospels of the New Testament, 3 growth dimensions of Waxing, Waning and Retrograde experience are developed and interrelated.

Chapter 40 -- Subjective Space

     Reflecting on the double helix structure of Spirit/Matter, this final chapter opens by outlining 3 subjective space dimensions which completes a "holistic" 12 dimensional universe of experience. With this new model of Dimensions of Experience, various non-ordinary states of consciousness and experience including past life regressions, near death experiences and spiritual transcendence are realistically explained.

Volume II Preview

     A short preview outlines the subjects of succeeding volumes on Consciousness and SPIRIT.