God, Man and the Dancing Universe, Vol. 1

by Jef Bartow

       I’ve been reviewing new age and metaphysical books for 12 years. Until now, I’ve not seen a book that speaks to all the facets of thought in our Aquarian age. But now there is Jef Bartow’s amazing new book, God, Man and the Dancing Universe.

       If you’ve been looking for a resource book---a reference that is complete, yet is written in language clearly understandable, look no more. Jef Bartow, student, then ordained teacher working under an Aquarian Avatar, has distilled and integrated new age thought, philosophies and science into what may well be considered the new age bible of the 21st century.

       Whether your interest is in metaphysics, transpersonal psychology, philosophy, astrology, eastern mysticism, western theology or theoretical physics---God, Man and the Dancing Universe will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of our universe, life and Man. Further, the depth of the material make God, Man and the Dancing Universe an excellent resource tool for both students and professionals; the curious and the dedicated.

       Mr. Bartow states, "This book is meant to stimulate discussion, evaluation and dialogue. It is certainly not meant to be the final answer." In this reviewer’s opinion, God, Man and the Dancing Universe enables you to utilize your intuitive and sensation functions as much as your thinking and feeling, for a complete and total experience. Here is a scholarly work that is, in reality, a journey to divinity.

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor

God, Man and the Dancing Universe, A Synthesis of Metaphysics, Science and Theology, Jef Bartow