An Inspirational Synthesis of Life

We humans live in a world of seemingly irreconcilable ideologies that polarize us into battling social, political, religious, scientific and philosophical camps. Regardless of their factual basis, we have faith that our beliefs are right and that we must defend them against all others. What if all of our beliefs have common origins, but that our individual and group experiences through time have given us only partial perspectives of this universal source and the truth that it holds for us. 
In Volume I of his treatise God, Man and the Dancing Universe, author Jef Bartow presents a conceptual model through which we might all be able to see how our beliefs and life experiences fit together into a unified whole to benefit all of humanity. He tackles this enormous task through laying a multidimensional foundation upon which we are able to begin understanding our higher and lower human natures and their relationship to the inner realms of Spirit and our outer life in matter. The author accomplishes this in a remarkable way through practical examples and methods that help the reader to begin integrating science, theology and the abstract principles of metaphysics into a synthesized perspective of life. 
Although a challenging read, this book is a valuable source of thought-provoking ideas and relationships between what the author reveals as the subjective and objective realms of life. Anyone willing to extend their thinking to include these possibilities might benefit from the experience of reading this book. However, it is an essential text for those people truly interested in developing their higher mind capacities to receive knowledge beyond their physical senses and for those who are seriously committed to their spiritual growth and development. 

(Reviewed by Frederick R. Kipp, author of A Good Death and Our Spiritual Destiny.)

God, Man and the Dancing Universe, A Synthesis of Metaphysics, Science and Theology, Jef Bartow