1.The Spiritual Path can be pursued in a variety of effective ways.

2.Potential for maximum spiritual growth is realized through self-directed application of love, wisdom and sacrifice.

3.As Above, So Below is complemented by As Outward, So Inward.

4.Everything in growth moves in cycles of ebb and flow, soweth and reapeth and difficulty and ease.

5.What we see in others and how we relate to them is who we are.

6.Objective mentoring received and applied periodically accelerates growth potential.

7.Spiritual destiny is achieved by the balance of getting to the outlined goal within the principled living of the process.  


Respect the rights of all individuals to pursue their spiritual journey in their own way

Interact with others based on Integrity and Love

Maintain a continual focus on serving Archi Michael and the Cosmic Christ in all our endeavors

Provide Programs and Services that truly reflect our best efforts and knowledge

Consistently provide Value for compensation received


As Man has continuously evolved through guidance from spiritual beings at many levels, a variety of different "paths" have been developed to accelerate growth. Though seemingly different in the practices and philosophies utilized, each of these spiritual Paths leads to the same end results and spiritual development.  

Throughout the cosmos an ordered process works to accomplish the creative purpose of God. The more we cooperate with this process, the more we accelerate our moving from being human to the place where we can step into the Spiritual Kingdom and leave our humanness behind.  

Until each of us begins to self- initiate growth, we are pulled along by the growth process in the "Being in whom we live, move and have are being."  For most of us, we experience this as living through the difficulties, unanticipated events and adjustments that are seemingly forced upon us.  Unfortunately in most cases, pain is the catalyst for growth. Many times this process does not bring us consciously closer to God, but only left in a state of questioning and anxiety regarding God's purpose or direction for our lives.

For those individuals who have internalized their growth process through self-initiated changes in themselves and their lives, a growing realization and internalization of peace and faith ensues. The fact that we are truly part of a spiritual process and not alone in it makes its presence known. The requirements for consciously participating in this spiritual process do not make living life easier or happier. It does make life more joyful and fulfilling.

Self-initiated growth does not mean abandoning our involvement in religious, philosophical, psychological, spiritual or family groups. It means taking responsibility for our own spiritual progress while utilizing whatever means necessary to accomplish that growth. For some, it will necessitate many changes regarding the groups or individuals relied on in the past that either do not support or actually hinder further progress. For all, it will require a reorientation of one kind or another in the way one thinks, feels and relates to others.

The Center for Individual Studies is founded to provide practical and effective assistance for individuals who have chosen self-directed growth.  For those who chose to self-direct their growth path, the Center is set up to provide materials and programs to equip you with a tool belt of resources in your self construction of a spiritual life and accomplishment.  

For those of you who have relied on outside direction during your spiritual journey and are presently at a spiritual crossroads, another part of the Center's focus is to help you determine the appropriate venue for continuing your spiritual journey. A fundamental part of the Center’s involves helping you accelerate your spiritual progress through a strategically guided self assessment leading to an individually defined and integrated accelerated spiritual focus for the future.  

Another later focus for The Center will be the creation of a PEER program.  For professionals and/or leaders in diverse walks of life, the Center will establish a network of objective support and insightful feedback regarding the difficulties we encounter when integrating a spiritual focus with day-to-day life.

From antiquities Enlightenment Path to the psychological Path of Individuation outlined in the 20th century, the multifaceted ways in which one can pursue spiritual growth can be integrated within our current responsibilities of daily life. The Center is committed to creating Aquarian Age self-directed programs for the following paths: Path of Relationships; Path of Individuation; Astrological Path; Warriors' Path; the Messianic Path; the Professional Path and the Path of the Eastern Mystic.  These spiritual venues encompass spiritual focuses from eastern and western mysticism to the analytical psychological process; from don Juan's Path of Knowledge to astrology's process of becoming. They also include focuses in one's relationships in life and one's vocation in business, art, education, science or other professional career.

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