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Marketing/Promotion Services
For many, creating a manuscript and getting it published seem like monumental tasks. Unfortunately, the spiritual and material 80/20 rule also applies to books.  This means that 80% of the time and effort will be in promoting your book once it's published.  

Our Living Spirit community provides a variety of ways to make your sales and promotion easier and more effective.  To begin with, as an author and promoter you need a great presentation packet or "press kit."  A good one takes sales and marketing expertise, not just good writing.  Included in this is a key part of creating your credibility: a good book review.  If your book qualifies for our various promotional services, we will help ensure you have both of these necessary tools.  From this good foundation, we will then also help you penetrate the market for your book with the following services targeted to your needs:
Direct Mail promotion: Periodic direct-mail promotion is an excellent way to keep your book in the minds of bookstore buyers, retailers and/or your target audience.

Advertising positioning/creation: Advertising in publications is expensive, but can be a highly effective promotional tool in the right publication at the right time.

Periodic PR Releases: Getting yourself interviewed by journalists, and on radio and TV programs can greatly enhance your credibility and success.  Effective promotion to the spiritual and metaphysical community is a small niche part of traditional book PR.  We can help you reach this specific niche.

Living Spirit promotion: Three specific Living Spirit marketing programs include marketing your book through fundraisers and tradeshow participation.  We participate in key "New Age" trade shows promoting our books and community.  In addition, through future fundraisers, we will reach out to churches, groups and organizations with fundraisers based on books like yours.

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