Crossroads Consulting

Resolving your Spiritual 
(ascendency into Spirit) Crossroads

Do you feel you are in a spiritual crisis?

Do you find that your current focus is not getting you where you want to be regarding your destiny in Spirit ?

We provide an individually tailored mentoring program to help you resolve the inherent crossroads we all face from time to time on the Spiritual Path.  Crossroads Consulting includes parts of the Accelerated Growth in Spirit Training tailored to the needs of your individual spiritual issues, budget and time frame.

The focus of Crossroads Consulting is not therapy, but strategic mentoring designed to:

  • unveil core issues which condition your current spiritual crossroads
  • facilitate insights into obstacles which undermine your progress into Spirit
  • define specific actions and changes to effectively help you move forward into your next phase of your spiritual journey 
  • provide a supportive source of integrity and knowing of what living in Spirit  really means

Today, individual sessions are ideally conducted via video conferencing through the Internet.  This requires high-speed Internet service combined with a recent technology computer and video camera at your location.  Otherwise, we will conduct sessions by phone and/or e-mail correspondence.  

 Individual needs during this process may also dictate personal interaction. A visit to southwest Colorado could be a part of your crossroads resolution. 

We are committed to interact based on integrity and love while respecting your rights to pursue your spiritual journey in your own way.  There are times and places on the Spiritual Path where independent objective feedback based on in-depth spiritual growth experience is needed.  This "tool" can be invaluable in resolving the numerous and difficult decisions and transitions that we must make in completing our spiritual journey into Spirit.  This is the intent and end results of Crossroads Consulting. 

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