Living Spirit, Living Spirit Community for spiritual growth
Living Spirit means living a focused spiritual life through practical day-to-day activities embracing a wide variety of spiritual growth venues. It is living a spiritual life simultaneous with a life in the outer world.  

Further, our Living Spirit focus is not about getting a feel good experience once and awhile. It is about "getting on" with directed spiritual growth to first become a soul-infused Personality, and then to become your spiritual potential for this life. 
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Welcome to our on-line community of individuals committed to spiritual growth!

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions and needs.  Frankly, we began this endeavor somewhat similar to the movie Field of Dreams; the idea that if we built it, they (who needed to) would come.  So, come and help us build it for Spirit.

 Start by taking a look around, then decide how and when you want to participate.
Jef & Tanya Bartow, founders