The Professional's Spiritual Path

A majority of humans define their most significant goals and accomplishments to have come from their vocation in life.  From antiquity, the apprenticeship path within business, art, education, science, politics and every other mode of creating a living has defined a process of learning and accomplishment.  Most of the role models we humans look up to demonstrate the potential pinnacle of accomplishment available through apprenticeship.  In many ways, today's vocational opportunities reflect this ancient and enduring developmental process. 

     Transforming the apprenticeship process into an Aquarian Age spiritual Path is as easy and difficult as it might seem.  Letting go of tradition requires defining a new set of spiritual values. It also involves living with integrity while lovingly embracing the potential of finding spiritual fulfillment through the way we financially support ourselves.  Even though a few can pursue these endeavors without financial consideration, many of us must encounter the conflict between living our passion and fulfilling our commitments in life.

     Many times and places along the Path of spiritual growth dictate the need for surrender and sacrifice to those in authority and/or power.  Rather than being a conflict within our spiritual journey, this can become the catalyst to advanced spiritual accomplishment.  It will require a whole new orientation and set of spiritual behaviors rarely seen in the professional environment. 

     The Professional's Spiritual Path is for those who can embrace one's passion while living one's vocation in life.  As with every other spiritual Path, it will involve transcending human tradition and behavior to live the spiritual Being that you can become.

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Living Spirit, A self applied spiritual growth Path based on one's career or vocation
A self applied spiritual growth Path based on one's career or vocation
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