August, 2007

Living Spirit's


A Program for Spiritual Transformation

by Jef and Tanya Bartow

At last! A spiritual guidebook that provides the reader with practical spiritualizing exercises that can turn knowledge into wisdom, and transform your personal will into spiritual will. Such is Living Spirits Guidebook for Spiritual Growth by Jef and Tanya Bartow.

Here is a 12 step program that begins with Joy as a spiritual practice---entering a state of exaltation, rapture, ecstasy, exhilaration and jubilation. What a great idea! And in each of the 12 chapters, Mr. Bartow cogently and clearly offers the means for finding yourself, and a path to Spirit. Tanya Bartows inclusions lend insight and verification through her own personal experiences, thus putting a very human face on transformation.

This marvelous and insightful guide and workbook leads us through chapters that teach us how to be I AM, appreciation, trust, prosperity and faith. More, the Bartows continue with mindful loving, Jobs journey, changing attitudes, helping others, decision-making, and a new insight into the Holy Spirit.

Living Spirits Guidebook for Spiritual Growth is like no other self-help book. The writing is directed to you, not at you. The words are wisdom personified. And the message resonates with truth. More, it is no coincidence that, astrologically, there are 12 parts in our Soul.

There are many lessons taught in Living Spirits Guidebook for Spiritual Growth that will leave the reader feeling guided, not forced and supported while being challenged. This reviewer heartily recommends Jef and Tanya Bartows latest book, a shining light that helps illuminate the path to wisdom.

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor

Pertinent Info: 177 PP, 6 x 9, Issued 2007, ISBN 978-0-9760863-1-4, Cost, $18.95. 2. PH 970-884-4907. Email:

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Living Spirit’s Guidebook for Spiritual Growth, A Program for Spirtual Transformation, Jef Bartow and Tanya Bartow